Comfee EM720CPL-PMB Microwave Review

The energy crisis all over the world has left us with no option. With the continuous gas shortages, we have shifted to electrical appliances.

Moreover, we have to opt for smart kitchen gadgets like microwaves to get our food cooked and heated instantly as they are packed with multiple features. But aren’t you curious to know, about the best microwave for our kitchen? 

So, I have been using the Comfee EM720CPL-PMB countertop microwave oven for the past few months. However, it is one of the best microwaves under $100 as I was tight on budget as well.

Therefore, I decided to write a detailed review to share my experience of using the Comfee to save you from any inconvenience while deciding to buy this microwave. 

The microwave is packed with features with an attractive black stainless-steel body and 0.7 cubic feet internal capacity it proved to be one of the best microwaves for dorm rooms.

Product Dimensions13″D x 17.3″W x 10.2″H
ColourBlack Microwave
Capacity0.7 Cubic Feet
Installation TypeCountertop
Wattage1050 watts
MaterialStainless Steel, Plastics

Comfee EM720CPL Product Details


The Comfee’ small microwave might seem deceptive at first with its appearance but you will be amazed by the features it offers you.

Compact Design

When you are short on space, finding a microwave that can fit on your countertop is your top priority. So, the Comfee’ EM720CPL-PMB not only takes less space as its only 17.3 inches wide on your countertop but you can easily install it in a 24” Cabinet if you want to save more space and make your kitchen look more minimalized. However, the internal capacity is 0.7 cubic feet which can easily fit a dinner plate.

Smart Keypad

The Comfee’ microwave offers you a well-lit display for your convenience even if you want to use it at night, it won’t be a problem. Moreover, the one-touch function offers you a maximum of 6 minutes to cook or heat your food to perfection, you can even add 30 seconds more if required. Lastly, there are 2 defrost settings as well which means it can defrost according to weight and time also.

Energy Saving Mode

The EM720CPL-PMB is not only a space-saving microwave but it conserves electricity as well. You can save up some money on utility bills by using Eco-mode on this microwave. It turns off the LED display and minimizes 50% of the power. Therefore, it is a sound investment in your kitchen.

Mute Function

The microwave keeps your comfort its first priority so it has the feature of sound on and off. So, whenever you are annoyed by the beeping or whirring of the oven or a kid is sleeping around the corner you can easily turn the noise off. Therefore, it is one of the quietest microwaves you can ever have.

Safety Lock

So, the Comfee’ has you covered with a lock for the extra safety of your children. It locks all the keys and children will not be able to operate it while unsupervised in the kitchen. So, don’t worry when you have this oven in your kitchen.


  • The microwave offers you with sound on/off option for convenience.
  • It has compact in size and lightweight.
  • The well-lit digital panel makes it easy to operate.


  • A door handle is missing from this microwave.

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying

Our kitchen gadgets ad appliances are basically an investment to improve our quality of life. So, when we decide to buy a microwave to facilitate our needs we should explore the market for a high-quality product and the best value for money. Therefore, some factors should be considered before purchasing any appliance.


The Comfee EM720CPL Microwave makes your comfort its first priority as it can easily fit on your countertop. It is one of the smallest microwaves with 0.7 cubic feet internal capacity, perfect for a small family or if you are living on your own.

It’s super functional with the kitchen timers and auto-cook functions while evenly heating the food. Moreover, the child safety lock makes it a very safe appliance in the kitchen, so your kids can not mess around with it. The microwave is not only high quality but serves its purpose well in your budget.


The efficiency of microwaves is the most significant function they could offer. The 1050 wattage and Eco-mode not only make it powerful but one of the best ovens as well. Moreover, it can not only cook or heat the food but saves you some extra bucks in the utility bills.  


The black stainless-steel exterior of the microwave makes it very sleek and elegant for the kitchen. It can perfectly sit on a countertop because of its compact design and great quality. The 10-inch -glass turntable can easily fit in your bowls and dinner plates. You can easily use and clean it. Therefore, it offers you all that you want in a microwave. 


Our kitchens are incomplete without a microwave oven. So, the Comfee’ EM720CPL-PMB countertop oven seems to be a perfect choice for a compact yet functional oven in our small kitchens. The appliance is not only affordable but comes with a special feature for kids i.e. a safety lock. I would highly recommend you consider buying it!  

FAQs for Comfee EM720CPL-PMB

Is Comfee a good brand?

It is a brand that offers affordable and great quality products through Amazon. They have high ratings and impressive customer satisfaction. So, overall it is an excellent brand. 

How many watts is the EM720CPL-PMB microwave?

The Comfee’ has a power of 1050 watts with an eco-mode to save 50% of power on standby.

Is it possible to install it in a cabinet?

You can easily install it in 24” cabinet as it has a width of 17.3 inches and compact size. But make sure to keep a space for ventilation to be safe.

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